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Arod: Even More of A Bitch Than We Thought

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Posted By: The Booze at 3:30 pm

13 Jul 2009

I’ll admit, this is a nice pull for Arod. I would love to get in the sack with Goldie Hawn’s daughter. In fact, Kate Hudson is one of those rare cases in hotness…she is so hot, that men are willing to overlook her itty bitty titties. That’s talent right there.

However, just when I think Arod couldn’t be any more of a bitch than he already is, I see a picture like this one. What kind of a man let’s his woman drive him around? That is just one of my biggest pet peeves. Call me old fashioned, call me sexist, but that’s not cool in my book. It shouldn’t matter if it’s her SUV, he should still be behind the wheel. How pathetic does he look sitting shotgun? He probably sits shotgun in the bedroom too.

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    One could argue that she has done for the Itty Bitty Titty Committee what MLK did for the African American civil rights movement.

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