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Sex Academy Opens in Berlin

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Posted By: The Booze at 2:16 pm

10 Jul 2009

BERLIN (Reuters Life!) – Wannabe Latin lovers can improve their technique by playing with the erogenous zones of naked mannequins at a new interactive exhibition that has now opened in Berlin.

The “Amora sex academy” that opened in Berlin on Thursday welcomes visitors with the wry slogan, “Finally — an exhibition for those who always have to touch everything.”

More than 50 interactive displays guide visitors through the intimate areas of the male and female bodies, offering helpful tips on everything from striptease to oral sex and how to achieve a perfect orgasm.

The show features several life-sized plastic models, naked and in various positions. One female mannequin light ups when touched in the right spot. A voice shrieks “That’s it!” when the visitor manages to put his finger on the elusive G-spot.

Next to it is what the museum called its “Spank-o-metre.” It measures the level of pleasure a mannequin receives when spanked with a leather whip.

The museum also shows film clips of various sexual positions, including the “Italian chandelier” that the viewer learns can burn up to 920 calories per hour.

Founded by Frenchman Johan Rizki, the sex academy opened in London earlier this year and is also due to come to Barcelona.

This museum is sure to bring in a shit-ton of money. Geeks and virgins from around the world will make travel plans to attend this sex academy. Band geeks, goths, creepy old men, and middle-aged pedophiles will all be in attendance.

Word on the street is Air Berlin’s flights will be overbooked for the next 4 years. In related news, the online gaming communities of Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft have plummeted drastically.

I was admittedly curious to find out what the “Italian Chandelier” looked like, so I decided to do some research. Though I’m not sure I believe it to be accurate, I thought the demonstrational clip below was worth posting…

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