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Worst commercial ever?

In: Random

Posted By: Alfred K at 3:03 pm

7 Jul 2009

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  • Womanizer

    Even I think that commerical is ridiculous

    I mean you gut hookers, but not strippers, that's just wrong.

  • captain obvious

    huh? pretty sure that comment makes no sense. I just hate how these peta-like organizations always try to shock you. When you shock me it just makes me hate you, like light sockets.

  • Womanizer

    Cpt O (if that is your real name),

    THe comment is simlpe, you are allwoed to gut and kill hookers, but its just wrong to gut and kill strippers, I mean they are clearly in a higher class. Perhaps using their ass to pay for college classes.

    It doesn't get much simpler than you can't gut strippers, but you can gut hookers. See in the commercial is a stripper and they ghut her.


    if not, I can get domestic all up in this.

  • captain obvious

    I still can barely understand your “logic” here, considering most strippers are just hookers who have gymnastic skills on the pole. my grandmother was a stripper, that's why i take this issue so seriously.

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