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Male Prostitution

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Posted By: Alfred K at 1:02 am

7 Jul 2009

Hung, HBO’s new comedy series, is about a divorced dad who turns to prostitution after having an epiphany about his “winning tool.” But penis as plot device? If an HBO script were to address a call girl’s anatomy in this way, it wouldn’t be so funny.

The world of men who sell sex is hidden, even from women like me who think we know a lot about selling sex. A call boy I used to pal around with once told me that prostitution simplified his life by allowing him to work in a completely gay environment.

Yo can someone DVR this show for me?  I want to learn the art of being a male sex worker.  Supposedly this show is about a dude who gets with “hot 20 year old chicks”.  Damn…shit sign me up.

I’m sure you have to pay your dues with a couple of these ones below, but who knows where this sort of career might take you?

Alfred lets pretend this micro-phone is actually your mega-bone

"Alfred let's pretend this micro-phone is actually your mega-bone"

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  • The Jiggler

    Quick note to the writeer, not AK, but of the original article/write up:

    UMMm really? Remember that show, oh what was it, Sex and the city, where that whore one would bang everyone. Yeah.
    Or wait isn't there a show literally called, “Call Girl” on HBO or Max. Man I hate dumb people.

    I'll Jiggle em all off a cliff.

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