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Guy Gets Beat During Sex With Cougar

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Posted By: The Booze at 1:15 pm

2 Jul 2009

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TORRINGTON, Conn. – A group of teenagers misunderstood a woman’s screams during sex and, thinking they were stopping an assault, beat a 25-year-old man in her bedroom, police said.

A 16-year-old girl who lives in the same Torrington home as the 34-year-old woman overheard her and the man on June 6 and rounded up four friends to stop what they thought was an attack, police Lt. Bruce Whiteley said Thursday.

One of the five teens beat the man with a bat and others punched him, police said. The man was treated at a hospital for injuries that were not life-threatening, and was released that night.

You gotta feel for this guy. He had just picked up a cougar at a bar, went back to her place, decided to play out her rape fantasy, found himself banging a real screamer, then BAM! he’s suddenly dropped by a bat to the face. How much would that suck?! You never think to make a safe word for the 16-year old girls in the next room.

That had to be awkward for the teenage girls. Here they were, thinking they were being good samaritans, beating the shit out of a rapist. Unfortunately for them, they are gonna be in a shit-load of trouble when this guy presses charges against them. And why wouldn’t he? The guy is mentally scarred for life. Now every time a girl starts moaning during sex he’s gonna get all paranoid.

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  • The Jiggler

    Couple things
    1) Who is that in the picture?
    2) WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?! ITS IN HER PLACE, THEY “BREAK IN” to her place, and I'm unsure but if they were fucking, I imagine they were both naked and you could probably tell the woman wasn't held down, so either shes down with it or not. Oh and if they were all done, WHAT THE FUCK.

    I'd make sure these teenagers spend some time in jail or juvi, so they can get their action, then have it not interrupted by the guards.

    Jiggler does not jiggle this way, good samaritans my ass, how you gonna take a bat to someones head with no info. Fucking up.

  • Mr. Freeze

    Chill Jiggles, chill…

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