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Some Really Great News

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Posted By: The Booze at 12:37 pm

30 Jun 2009

LONDON (Reuters) – Having sex every day improves the quality of men’s sperm and is recommended for couples trying to conceive, according to new research.

Until now doctors have debated whether or not men should refrain from sex for a few days before attempting to conceive with their partner to improve the chance of pregnancy.

But a new study by Dr David Greening of Sydney IVF, an Australian centre for infertility and in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment, suggests abstinence is not the right approach.

He studied 118 men with above-average sperm DNA damage and found the quality of their sperm increased significantly after they were told to ejaculate daily for seven days.

Sure, this is great news for guys that are trying to knock up their wife. But it’s even better news on the masturbation front. Everyone that was busy beating it to Olga Kurylenko yesterday can relax a little.

It’s about time we start putting some of these masturbation myths to bed. While I don’t let them stop me, my worrying always takes something away from the experience (using your tears as lubricant doesn’t make it any better). I’m sick of hearing that I’m gonna go blind, or that a box of kittens gets run over every time I do it.

At least now we can rest easy knowing that wasting our un-borns won’t affect our fertility. Believe me, having a kid is by no means a priority right now, but someday I plan on raising the next great NHLer. Don’t worry lil’ Booze, I’m stayin’ extra fertile for your mom these days.

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  • Chronic

    Man after seeing Super High Me and these results, I'm more worried than ever.

    Just last year I thought my constant smoking and ejaculating (usually separate times…) were keeping my sperm count down. I know the latter (results of this study) say its about the quality, but still, now I gotta worry about all those broads I banged without a rubber.

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