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Men take tourists on a police chase!

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Posted By: Eddie Brewski at 2:06 am

30 Jun 2009

New York Shuttle

New York(Reuters) – Operators of a New York shuttle service, Khaalif Preacher and Ian L. McFarlane took five French tourists on a high speed chase in an attempt to evade police. (Awesome..)  The day before the drivers were approached by police for hustling French travelers outside  the John F. Kennedy International Airport.

After the shuttle had the victims inside they swerved through traffic and red lights and went up to speeds at 60 miles per hour on crowded residential streets. The men were charged with assault, reckless endangerment, and resisting arrest. If convicted, they face up to seven years in prison.

All I want to say is, awesome….. Those French guys got the best tour they were ever gonna get. I mean seriously, it’s not like everyday your involved in a high speed chase- Plus they didn’t even have to pay the guy.

Congratulations, you even got to see the criminal side of New York. Hope you enjoy your visit in America.

Unsuspected van chase = Win.

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  • captain obvious

    really? In a reuters article they wrote “Awesome” in response to a police chase?

  • Eddie Brewski

    Lol.. I forgot to take Reuters out.. But I bet they were thinking it. :)

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