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You thought your man-boobs were embarassing? What if you had a man-womb?

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Posted By: Alfred K at 6:54 pm

4 Jun 2009

Man, I feel like I gotta take a huge dump

"Man, I feel like I gotta take a huge dump"

Meet Thomas Beatie. He was born biologically female, had sex reassignment surgery, and is now legally male. When his wife, Nancy, was unable to have children, Thomas, who still has female genitalia, decided he’d carry their baby himself. And thus became the world’s first pregnant man. A process which, unsurprisingly, hasn’t been too easy.

In this world where sci-fi becomes reality I’m not surprised to finally see a man carrying a baby. Granted it’s not the traditionally the way I thought it would come about, ala Arnold in Junior, but still a wondrous feat none the less.

Some might say that this isn’t anything new seeing how Thomas started out as a woman. But the question on my mind is why would someone who spent so much time and money going through the process of gender reassignment still hold on to the defining difference of the two sexes?

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