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You Want To Read This: KGB Inquiries

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Posted By: The Booze at 12:44 pm

30 Apr 2009

So my friend AJ is an agent for the new texting service KGB. For those of you who don’t know about it, you can text any question you have to the number 542542 and one of their agents will quickly reply with a reliable answer. AJ was nice enough to share some of the questions he has received recently while working for KGB. (The typos were made by the people asking the questions)

1. “are there bears in every state?”

2. “If you have mutiple personalitys and one of your personalitys has stockhome syndrome and ur locked in a closet are u forced to love yourself?”

3. “How can I be good at making out”

4. “If i masterbaited until the point of ejaculation but i didnt ejaculate would it increase the size of my dick”

5. “How do you fuck a duck?”

6. “Look up a real spell to call uppon the spirits”

7. “Why can’t people lick their elbow?”

8. “Will ashley hannah go out with me wensday”

9. “If I choose a paddling over my skirt at school instead of detention, how long will my bottom be hurting for? Please answer, I have to pick tomorrow. :( “

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