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Real-life Benjamin Button

In: News

Posted By: Alfred K at 1:27 pm

16 Apr 2009



Jerly Lyngdoh: 26 yr old Indian man trapped in the body of a two-year-old

Jerly Lyngdoh – who lives with his farmer parents in Meghalaya, northern India – looks like any other tot with his tiny head and delicate 2ft 9ins long body.

But it’s only when he opens his mouth to reveal a full set of adult teeth that the truth about the world’s oldest baby is revealed.

Ok so I aint seen Benjamin Button so I dunno if this relates, the title was mainly for sensationalism.  But how awesome would it be to be a baby??!?!  You would totally rape the T-ball league, get to suck on titties AT EVERY MEAL, and never have to wipe your ass.  Man I wish I grew up in a 3rd world country so polluted I got this crazy ass disease.

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