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The New Drug of Choice for kids these days

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Posted By: Alfred K at 12:57 pm

13 Apr 2009

It’s taking place in lunchrooms, playgrounds and classrooms across the tri-state area.

It may even be happening in your own home — kids smoking candy.

But doctors and safety experts say this new trend isn’t so sweet.

Every so often, 18-year-old Jeremy Froncek says he sneaks a smoke.

“Around the house, ya know, outside of work,” Froncek said.

But he’s not puffing on cigarettes. He’s “smoking” candy.

It sounds bizarre — even impossible. But kids grind up pieces of candy — like “Smarties” – and they actually inhale the fine candy powder then blow it out like cigarette smoke.

“Eventually, as I got better at it, you know, it was just a cool thing to do,” Froncek said.

And that’s what has parents and drug counselors so concerned. A quick search on YouTube shows dozens of how-to videos created by children of all ages. Some clips even show children snorting the sweet stuff.

More of the article here

Really kids?  If you are that desperate to get high just come and visit ol’ Uncle Al he’ll hook you up with cigarettes any time.

This kid is a grade-A douche.

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