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Terrorists: not something to be afriad of

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Posted By: Alfred K at 2:35 pm

7 Apr 2009

Translation: beware the wrath of F-unit

Translation: beware the wrath of F-unit

Are you an American who worries about terrorism? Stop. If you want to worry about something, here’s John Goekler’s Counterpunch article on the statistically likely killers that you need to fear:

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, between 310,000 and 580,000 of us will commit suicide by cigarette this year. Another 260,000 to 470,000 will go in the ground due to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle. And some 85,000 of us will drink to our own departure.

After the person in the mirror, the next most dangerous individual we’re ever likely to encounter is one in a white coat. Something like 200,000 of us will experience “cessation of life” due to medical errors – botched procedures, mis-prescribed drugs and “nosocomial infections”. (The really nasty ones you get from treatment in a hospital or healthcare service unit.)


Statistic not mentioned: millions killed in battles by the brutal flow of Neezy Neez

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