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Robots officially stronger than humans

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Posted By: Alfred K at 10:48 am

22 Mar 2009


Muscle-flexing robots with superhuman strength could become a reality thanks to a new expanding material that is stronger than steel.
Scientists have created a gel that acts like muscle when charged with electricity but is far more powerful.
The “aerogel” is almost as light as air, as stretchy as rubber, and stiffer than steel by weight.
Made with ribbons of carbon “nanotubes” – tiny hollow tubes of carbon – the material can expand to 220% of its original length or width in milliseconds when electrically charged.
The gel sheets are capable of handling dozens of times more stress than natural skeletal muscle, say researchers reporting on the technology in the journal Science. Once “flexed”, the material can be “frozen” in place.

On the negative side of course this could mean the end of humanity blah blah blah. But in the short term, I am envisioning myself having a lot of fun with my robot pals. They will cut out so many annoying things in my life, from walking to lifting beer bottles to my mouth.


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