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Fun With Wikipedia

In: Technology

Posted By: Vodka Tonic at 2:42 pm

22 Mar 2009


By now, we are all quite familiar with, the wonderful internet resource that has helped us write even the most daunting research papers in record time. But when is the last time you really tested the breadth of Wikipedia’s knowledge? Is Wikipedia really that great? I decided to investigate.

Wikipedia has direct entries for just about anything you could ever need information about. In my first round of tests, I ran through some typical searches. Much to my satisfaction, I found entries for such common daily searches as Pizza, Women, Penis Enlargement, Grave Robbery, Bozo the Clown, and other things you might expect to search for on a regular basis.

Then I really decided to push the envelope. I searched for Boozeworthy, thinking I could find a weakness. Wikipedia didn’t have an entry for Boozeworthy, yet, it did refer me to an equally relevant entry, which I appreciated.

Satisfied by my findings up to this point, I decided to get a little crazy and really see what Wikipedia had to offer. My results were shocking. A few standout findings are listed below.

“The Meaning of Life”
“Coolest thing ever”
“Why don’t I have any friends?”
“What am I going to do this weekend?”

I have concluded that Wikipedia, though extremely insulting at times, is quite possibly the most powerful reference tool ever created.

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  • The Booze

    In the words of Jim Rome: HI-LARIOUS

  • alfredk

    There should be a section on this blog called “awful jim rome opinion of the day”

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