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Archive for March, 2009

Don’t blame me for using a TV clip, it was just too perfect.

WEST DES MOINES — If you get a message to call a “Mr. Don Key” on Wednesday, the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines is one step ahead of you. The zoo, in an effort to stop the numerous prank calls it typically gets on April Fools’ Day, has set up four hotlines for pranksters [...]

Two childcare workers have been handed suspended jail terms for holding a knife to a four-year-old boy and threatening to cut off his penis. The mother and daughter admitted making the threats to “shock” the boy so he’d stop exposing himself at the Perth daycare centre where they worked, Armadale Magistrates Court was told. Sandra [...]

Dog-gone SERIOUS News

In: News

31 Mar 2009

Nowadays everyone’s talking recession this, recession that. Blah blah blah whatever. Thank god health blogger Tara Parker-Pope is around to report on what really concerns us as Americans: the fact that our pets might be toxic. According to her article, in full here, “At a time when people are fretting about toxins in baby [...]

VANCOUVER — One morning last September, Melanie Leavey’s six-year-old daughter, Savannah, insisted on wearing a Halloween cat costume instead of normal clothes. She wore it all day long, and the next too. Eventually, she agreed to take off the costume so it could be washed, but the minute it was laundered, she pulled it on [...]

Spam, that annoying but ignorable scourge of the Web, has finally recovered from the jolt it received last November, when Internet backbone providers cut off McColo Corp., a California Web-hosting service that spammers were using to coordinate e-mail attacks. The average seven-day spam volume during the latter half of March is now at roughly the [...]

BOSTON — The birthplace of basketball is getting a pro team. Michael Savit, managing partner of the ownership group, says an NBA Development League team will begin play at Springfield’s MassMutual Center in the 2009-2010 season. The team does not yet have a nickname or team colors. The D-League, which has been playing for eight [...]

Outrage in Saudi Arabia

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31 Mar 2009

JEDDAH – Women’s coffee shops are no longer just meeting places for friends or refuges for a moment’s escape from the daily routine. Instead, according to some, they have become the haunts of university students and schoolgirls playing truant to indulge themselves in smoking shisha pipes and cigarettes, with women using the locations as impromptu [...]

Where's Waldo?

In: Where's Waldo

31 Mar 2009

James Andrews, Personal Trainer – Along with love and money there are few things that motivate people like sex. As a trainer, I am always seeking ways to keep clients motivated, and let’s face it, along with the health and functional benefits, people workout to obtain or retain attractive or sexy physiques. Generally, those who [...]


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